6 Of The Best Couples Halloween Costumes

Just like kids, we adults love the opportunity to dress up at Halloween.  If you are intending to go to a party this year with your partner why not invest in a couples costume.  When it comes to which are the best couples Halloween costumes, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice.

There are so many great costumes to select from.  But might we suggest that you choose a couples costume that suits your personalities.

Still unsure about what are the best couples Halloween costumes to go for?  Then why not consider some of the following. 

  1.  Adam And Eve

This costume would be perfect for couples who feel a little daring.  You don’t need to go completely bare as there are body suits you can wear.  As well as helping to ensure that you don’t suffer an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.  Such costumes will help to keep you warm.

  1.  Police Officer And Prisoner

If you are looking for something a little more sexy, then may well prove ideal.   Either of you can go as the police officer or the prisoner.   For most couples it tends to be the female that is the police officer.

  1.  Plug And Socket

Not something you may have considered before.  But one thing about this costume is that you’ll find it much easier to create.   One of you will be the plug whilst the other of course is the socket on the wall.

  1.  Sir Lancelot And Guinevere

For those couples looking for a more romantic costume idea then this one is great.  For the guys of course you can dress up in full armour or just a doublet and hose.  Of course for the girl nothing is more romantic than a long flowing dress.

  1.  Paris And Helen

We have included this as one of our best couples Halloween costumes because the simplicity of it all.  For the guys again you simply need to wear a small amount of armour.  As for the girls dressing in a toga or Grecian dress is perfect.  If you really want to finish the outfit off wearing a lovely wig should be considered, by both of you.

  1.  Woody And Jesse

If you want to have fun with your costume then dressing up as a cowboy and cowgirl is perfect.  But dressing up as these lovable characters from Toy Story is even better.  These two characters are a lot more fun and lively.  Plus you never know you may already have the outfits in your wardrobe.


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